Commissioning Architectural Photography





Images are captured using the very latest, state of the art 80 megapixel medium format digital backs together with 'technical' cameras ensuring the very best available image files. Such files are post-produced back at the studio or sometimes on location. Images are subsequently optimized for use, archived and presented to the client in a useable format.




Commissions are undertaken within a contract with all images covered by copyright and a license to use. Commissioning photography of your project is a commitment of time, resources and money. Thorough planning is the key to success.




The majority of architectural photography falls under the category of 'limited rights.' This permits the client to make any direct use of the material, including portfolio use, display, office reference, multi-media presentations, local and national design competitions, printed brochures and certain other printed material where the release of copyright is not required.


Under copyright law, the photographer owns the copyright to the images and licenses specific usage rights to the client by written agreement.


As copyright holders, photographers have the right to control copying, reproduction, distribution, display AND derivative works of their photographs.


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